Best Cat Food Part II

I’ve being getting several email from people asking for specific brands that I could refer as the best shoes for shin splints when you jump a lot. As you might remember, on my previous post I pretty much said that any brand is good as long as contains enough protein, fiber and taurine. But I left pretty much open to what your best choice should be. Well, here is my honest opinion on what I would recommend you as the best top rated hand mixer. They won’t be in any particular order. I will just list my top picks so you don’t think I’ve been paid by best crabgrass killer.

My Best Cat Food Selections

Best Cat Food - Fancy Feast Medleys

Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys

I pick this on basically because my cat Jackie LOVES it. It might have to do with the fact they include some chunks of “real” food and she just seems to love this particular brand. My other two cats don’t really mind which one is it since they seem to like dry food better. Also the price for these cans is around $0.70 thus your pocket won’t feel the hit.

The one I Choose as the Best Cat Food Overall for My Cats

Best Cat Food-Purina One

Purina ONE Advanced Nutrition Hairball Formula

This is the one that if I would have to recommend you directly as a friend. Basically due to the good contents and value of the product. Like I mentioned in the previous post about my chosen best cat food, it aids with the hairball problem that two of my cats have and also has calcium, phosphorus and various vitamins that some others don’t have at this price. The large bag, I believe is about 15lbs or so, has a price around the 18 dollars at Walmart and Target. Check your local listings for more details. You might want to try the small 3 lb bag in case your cat is picky like mine and might not like the taste of the new food.


Best Cat Food - Whiskas

WHISKAS® Indoor Adult Cat Food with Crunchy Meaty Nuggets

When my cats were still to young and I didn’t want them to go outside by themselves yet, I would feed them with indoor formulas that had lots of green and grains. Well, they didn’t like it a lot so I blended this Whiskas nuggets with the other formula so they would eat it. Some times I would give them just this one without the “bad tasting” one but they would love it so much that they would eat and eat and eat. Or if I didn’t put any on their plates they would be coming to me asking for more since they seemed to love it so much. But I didn’t want them to be overweight thus I just went back to the blending method. This one doesn’t have as many good stuff as the Purina One but if you are having problems with your cat not liking the food, get this one and blend it out and you’ll see the difference. Therefore I would recommend this one as best cat food for taste.


Best Cat Food-By Nature

By Nature Adult Cat Formula

This one I liked because it contains some fruits and vegetables that others don’t. The list is too long to include here but among the ingredients you’ll find alfalfa, tomatoes, carrots, rice, blueberry, raspberries and many more. This will provide extra vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids and more for your cat. The “downside” for this particular product for me was the price. It is a little bit pricy compared to my chosen Purina One. It’s almost $10 more expensive for the same size bag that I get. If the price is no problem for you then I wouldn’t have any problems recommending you this as one of the best cat food.


My Cat Fluffy

My Cat Fluffy Recommends It

So i hope this helps a bit better and responds more specifically to what I recommend for your cat in case you have no idea where to start. This is my best advice I could give you regrading cat food reviews. I just want to add that in order for me to get to this conclusion I tried several brands with my cats and read about their contents. Of course I didn’t tried all of them and if some brands are not mentioned here that doesn’t mean they are not good. It just means that I liked these ones that I tried. Thanks a lot for reading my blog and I hope to hear from you.


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